Analysis of calendar year 2007 compensation*

On July 30, 2008, the University of California released the following information and analysis about the compensation paid to UC employees in calendar year 2007.

Summary and analysis (pdf)

Table 1 — Breakdown of 2007 compensation by occupational group (pdf)

Table 2 — Breakdown of 2007 compensation by fund source (pdf)

Table 3 — Breakdown of 2007 compensation for senior leadership (pdf)

Table 4 — 2007 compensation for Senior Management Group members by individual (pdf)

Public access to the 2007 payroll data

Analysis of FY 2005-06 compensation (pdf)


* In previous years, this report was based on fiscal year data and was issued in the fall. Beginning in 2007, this report will be based on calendar year data, to better align with year-end tax reporting and the production of UC’s annual compensation reports for senior managers which are issued each March. Additionally, the 2007 report focuses on total payroll data, versus “above base pay” as in previous years, to provide a more complete picture of UC compensation. Where appropriate, compensation data for CY2006 is also included for comparison purposes.