Q. The SF Chronicle story suggests that salaries and other forms of compensation or benefits for senior UC managers are, at least occasionally, not as publicly visible as they ought to be. What’s UC’s response?

A. As a public institution, the University of California is accountable to the citizens of California and there is little that the University does that is not subject to public review. For example:

The salaries for UC executives are approved at, and are reported publicly following, Regents’ meetings (occasionally, recruitment and retention needs require action in between meetings, but these are exceptions and are reported at subsequent meetings). UC also reports executive compensation annually to various media organizations and State agencies (The Chronicle of Higher Education, the California Postsecondary Education Commission, etc.). 

Additionally, we have begun reporting sources of compensation beyond base pay for executive appointments, have always openly answered public questions about total sources of compensation for all senior officials, and will continue to do so in support of our commitment to public accountability, and a spirit of openness. 

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