Q. Are there policies governing these expenditures, and if so, how does UC ensure that spending is consistent with them?

A. The University has numerous policies that define and govern official business expenditures. The primary policies governing travel, entertainment and other expenses incurred by UC executives are as follows:

UC policy requires that travel, entertainment, fundraising, etc. expenses for UC chancellors and presidents are formally reviewed before they may be accepted. Expenses are approved by authorized persons at each location and forwarded to the local accounting office for review and payment. If there is a question about an expense, clarification or additional information may be requested. If, upon receipt of the clarification, the expense is determined to be unallowable under UC policy, or if it does not qualify as an exception under UC policy, it may be rejected. For detailed examples of the responsibilities and protocols involved in these types of reviews, see UCOP’s financial policy.

Additionally, UC’s financial statements, which reflect all UC spending including travel, entertainment, fundraising, etc. expenses for chancellors and the president, are audited each year by independent auditors, usually one of the leading accounting firms, currently PricewaterhouseCoopers.