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Statements by former UC President Robert C. Dynes, 2006

Statements by former UC Regents Chairman Gerald L. Parsky, 2006

Chronicle of Higher Education Q&A with President Dynes about UC compensation issues (Nov. 24, 2006)
> Survey of university presidents’ salaries

Letter to Regents on compensation issues for May 2006 meeting, 5/15/06

Statement on proposal by Assemblymember Liu for UCOP performance audit, 5/9/06

Statement on comments by state Senators Maldonado, Romero and Denham, 5/3/06

Statement on State audit of UC executive compensation, 5/2/06

Statement on PricewaterhouseCoopers audit, 4/24/06

Statement on compensation task force report, 04/13/06

Regental actions on compensation, news committee and task force established, audits initiated, 12/19/05

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Archived Studies on UC Compensation

Mercer studies on UC compensation

National survey of presidents' salaries

National comparisons of deferred compensation