Compensation News:

The next UC Regents meeting will be Nov. 14–15, 2018 at UCSF Mission Bay.

Information about compensation items from previous meetings can be found at the salary actions page.


A Commitment to Transparency and Accountability
Transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of public trust in our institutions, both of which require timely access to and disclosure of information. This web site has been established to provide the public with comprehensive and timely information about UC’s compensation practices — and challenges.

Meeting the Competitive Challenge
In addition to helping UC to meet its public accountability commitment, this web site also highlights one of the most critical challenges facing the University of California: To preserve the quality and competitiveness of the institution, and to fulfill its mission, in the face of constrained state support, growing state needs, and ever-increasing competition for talent. Because UC salaries significantly lag behind those at competing institutions, UC is increasingly at a competitive disadvantage to recruit and retain needed faculty, staff and administrators.

In turn, our ability to remain competitive in regional and national marketplaces ultimately affects the university’s ability to spur economic growth and improve the health and quality of life for communities across California.